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Lead Teacher

Salary: Up to $15/hour

Qualifications - Lead Teachers require one of the following:

  • Child Development Associate credential with 1 year experience

    caring for children

  • Associate’s Degree, or higher in Early Childhood,
    Child Development or related field

  • 9 college credits in Early Childhood, Child Development or related
    field with a plan of study leading to a CDA, Associate’s Degree
    in Early Childhood Development or related field AND two years experience caring for children.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • To support the company’s mission and perform as a team!

  • Care for and supervise children to ensure health and safety

  • Create fun, creative and stimulating weekly lesson plans

  • To assure consistent implementation of the Curriculum

  • Report cards

  • Assist in serving meals and snacks

  • Maintain compliance of all New York State Regulations

To apply email your resume to the address below!

Please NO in person resume drop-offs. We will do everything we can to accommodate any special requests, but we ask that you first contact us to schedule a time if you need to drop it off in person.

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