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A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of creating a bond between infant and caregivers. Caregivers work together with the families to establish a relationship and routine that best suits your baby’s needs.
Infants will be encouraged to use their five senses to discover things such as listening to music and stories being read aloud, exploring textures, smells and colors, and learning a variety of words and sounds through daily interaction with care givers and other children. Ample “tummy-time” is given to allow infants the opportunity to roll, crawl, strengthen muscles and explore different objects.
Infants are also taught to use basic sign language signs such as “please”, “thank you” and “more”. This allows the infant to start to communicate their needs and emotions as well as beginning language development.
Outside time is provided daily (weather permitted) to allow for gross motor activities and exploring smells, sounds and sights.
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